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 Michael is still in the game, I don't think he has lost it   Sebastian Vettel believes Michael Schumacher still has the potential to be a front runner July 2, 2012

 I'll leave it up to the others to say what it means or doesn't mean    Michael Schumacher after qualifying fastest in Monaco May 26, 2012

 I was just one year old when Juan Manuel Fangio won in Monza in 1955 - but this victory is something I will remember, and savour, for a very long time indeed   Ross Brawn reflects on the significance of Nico Rosberg's victory at the Chinese Grand Prix April 16, 2012

 One point from two races is a dreadful result and we need to do much better   Ross Brawn pulls no punches when analysing the start of the season for Mercedes April 13, 2012

 You will not gain a tenth of a second by making predictions   Norbert Haug urges Mercedes to focus on getting the maximum out of the tests rather than looking forward to Melbourne February 21, 2012

 No one could win with my car.   Nico Rosberg tells it like it is at Mercedes August 9, 2011

 We won't keep the people. They'll get fed up and it will all prove to be too much. We are reaching a limit on what we can subject our people to.   Mercedes boss Ross Brawn on rumours the FIA might extend the season into December to accommodate the Bahrain Grand Prix May 23, 2011

  Admittedly] 42 is not the same as 25...I will fulfil my three year contract with Mercedes and afterwards work as a representative of the brand.   Michael Schumacher on his determination to see out his Mercedes contract April 28, 2011

 What is his real motivation? Last year he was smiling even after a bad result.   Jacques Villeneuve questions what is behind former rival Michael Schumacher's comeback March 4, 2011

 I have not regretted my decision to come back at all. I can live with criticism very well.   Michael Schumacher with a Christmas message of defiance December 25, 2010

 I was away for three years, and I'm no longer 25.   Michael Schumacher with some hardly ground-breaking revelations December 15, 2010

 I don't think my performance is well enough recognised.   Nico Rosberg, who has kept fairly quiet this season as attention centres on his team-mate, finally argues his corner October 14, 2010

 There is more credibility in Norbert Haug becoming an F1 driver than in Michael Schumacher becoming sporting director of Mercedes.   Mercedes boss Norbert Haug on speculation Michael Schumacher could move into management in 2011 October 10, 2010

 It is a long term project. If you think of how long it took to have success with Benetton and with Ferrari, it wasn't in the short term.    Under-fire Michael Schumacher responds to incessant speculation over his future after failing to live up to expectations in his comeback year October 8, 2010

 I need a Red Bull ... the car, not the drink.   Nico Rosberg answers a journalist's question about what it would take for him to win at Suzuka October 8, 2010

 If Michael Schumacher was not Michael Schumacher, driving as he is currently, would he be in the seat next year? My guess is no.   Eddie Jordan with one of his increasingly regular snipes at Michael Schumacher September 27, 2010

 He's not good enough … he should not be putting his reputation and legacy at risk.   Eddie Jordan has another swipe at Michael Schumacher September 26, 2010

 I think he realised from the first serious testings that it was a huge mistake.   Flavio Briatore chips in on the debate over the wisdom of Michael Schumacher's comeback September 22, 2010

 I've a hunch something fundamental has changed. I believe he is disillusioned and thinking of quitting.   Eddie Jordan makes comments designed to upset the legions of Michael Schumacher fans September 17, 2010

 He has been taking more steps back than forward. He has tried several strange tricks to gain points, and they have all come to nothing.   Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger offers another opinion on Michael Schumacher's lacklustre season August 19, 2010

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