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 Me, I quite like to chase, so it could have done me a favour    Lewis Hamilton on why he is not daunted by finding himself 25 points down on title rival Nico Rosberg after one race March 27, 2014

 It's shit. That's my opinion and I think for the fans as well.   Sebastian Vettel leaves no doubts about which side of the noise debate he is on. March 27, 2014

 I didn't buy a wimp. Originally, I bought a giant with noise    .....and Ron Walker does not stop there, giving the new era of F1 a rather unflattering review March 25, 2014

 The sound is a disgrace. When the car comes down the straight you can't even hear it.   Guess who? Australian GP promoter Ron Walker continues his crusade against the sport's new sound.... March 25, 2014

 We still realise that we need to find a bit more performance if we want to challenge for podiums. That's what we are focussing on right now.   Force India's Vijay Mallya under no illusions his team still faces a challenge to be where it wants to be March 24, 2014

 There is no doubt a crisis around the corner whether it is on a commercial side, whether it's on the track or whether it's in the governance area    Former FOTA chief Oliver Weingarten has a rather bleak outlook for the future of the sport now that the association has disbanded March 21, 2014

 In the end we have been fully compliant during the race and the whole weekend, like most of the teams.    McLaren racing director Eric Boullier points out that Red Bull was the only team breaking FIA regulations in Melbourne March 20, 2014

 We have the FIA that will do their job and I am sure there will not be a problem at all   In a thinly veiled swipe at Red Bull, Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali reiterates his support of the FIA over Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification March 19, 2014

 I was not horrified by the noise. I was horrified by the lack of it.   Bernie Ecclestone clearly enjoying his "I told you so" moment regarding the sound of the new V6 engines March 18, 2014

 Do something! I have no power, less IC than normal and no 'K'! No 'K'!.....That's ridiculous guys!    Sebastian Vettel getting himself worked up over his radio as his run of nine consecutive grand prix victories comes to an end with a whimper in Australia March 16, 2014

 Brilliant! What a car you've given me. What a car… unbelieveable.    After taking the checquered flag Nico Rosberg shows us just how much fun he has driving the Mercedes W05 March 16, 2014

 Does Ricciardo have to save fuel, you think?    Jenson Button asks his pit wall for an assessment on Daniel Ricciardo's strategy. Charlie Whiting and the FIA would provide confirmation later. March 16, 2014

 "OK, is it normal that I have no power?"    Sebastian Vettel might have four world titles, but this radio transmission suggests he isn't completely sure how engines work just yet March 16, 2014

 I just can't believe it. It is a not a win but feels a bit like a win    McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen is on cloud nine after finishing third on his debut at the Australian Grand Prix, and his day would get even better later as he was promoted to second March 16, 2014

 They've got enough time to give that a wash and leather when it's in   Martin Brundle as Nico Rosberg, almost half a minute in the lead, comes into the pits at the Australian Grand Prix March 16, 2014

 It's a stake through my heart. It's been a pretty strange couple of months. I would say horrific.    Jenson Button opens up on his personal turmoil after the death of his father John in January March 12, 2014

 Inherently, we at Williams just want to win races. We love going motor racing, we have a real passion for it and that never diminishes. I think we all got bored of losing   Deputy team principalClaire Williams on why she and the entire Williams team can't wait for the 2014 season to get underway March 11, 2014

 If I'm competitive, I'm sure we're not going to be the closest mates because he's not going to like that and I'm not going to like getting my arse kicked if he's going to be doing that   New Red Bull recruit Daniel Ricciardo is bracing himself for a tense relationship with Sebastian Vettel in 2014 March 10, 2014

 You don't become idiots overnight   Christian Horner is fairly adamant there is nothing wrong with Red Bull's expertise despite their pre-season struggles March 6, 2014

 I don't think it's boring at all.   Adrian Sutil is rather looking forward to the new era of Formula One March 3, 2014

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