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 We thought he was a superhero. And superheroes never die.   Rubens Barrichello recalls the death of Ayrton Senna April 25, 2014

 Both are correct. I like to remember the divorce part. I am married now.   Bernie Ecclestone responds at the opening day of his Munich trial when asked if he was married or divorced. April 25, 2014

 I don't know why you always come up with motivation. If I didn't have motivation I wouldn't be here answering these kinds of questions. It's fuck all to do with that   Kimi Raikkonen makes it quite clear that he is still motivated to drive in F1 April 20, 2014

 If you do nearly 40 hours of flight in four days and you don't sleep for the last four days, probably you would need sunglasses   New Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci explains why he wears sunglasses indoors April 18, 2014

 I don't know him, we've probably met before.    New Ferrari boss Marco Mattiacci clearly struggled to make an impression on Kimi Raikkonen when they first met April 17, 2014

 It's not good for the sport and the pinnacle of motor racing but we've never discussed doing a strike.   Nico Hulkenberg hints F1 should be slightly embarrassed that drivers such as himself are still waiting for wages but denies strike action is imminent April 17, 2014

 I am hungry for victories, hungry for success and I will tell you that two championships are not enough.    Fernando Alonso gives Ferrari a firm indication he is not happy to see out his career without winning another world title April 15, 2014

 We are the most advanced country on the planet, so I can't imagine why we can't do this.   Gene Haas might as well start giving any future Haas Formula conferences draped in the American flag. April 15, 2014

 You can't enrich and empower five very strong teams, disenfranchise six and expect the six to be happy.    Force India's Bob Fernley lays into F1's Strategy Group after its teams voted against a budget cap for 2015 April 9, 2014

 I strongly dislike coming second to Lewis, that's really not something I enjoy doing.   Nico Rosberg reveals some of his inner turmoil after finishing second behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain. April 7, 2014

 "I immediately thought 'shoot, he's on options, I'm on primes, it's going to take a miracle for me to hold him back'."   After his amazing victory at Sakhir, Lewis Hamilton reveals he was convinced the safety car period spelled the end of his chances April 7, 2014

 "We are in a brilliant technical revolution and we talk the sport down."   Mercedes boss Toto Wolff comes to the F1's defence in the wake of continued criticism April 6, 2014

 "If an engine drinks less fuel, good, it means you can do a race on less fuel, but a public doesn't like a taxi driver that has to respect the fuel. This is not Formula One."   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo gives his two cents about what he thinks of the new era of Formula One. April 5, 2014

 We're a long way off the Mercedes, one came by me like I was standing still.    Jenson Button gives a pretty grim assessment of how far ahead Mercedes is currently April 4, 2014

 I want to win, I don't want to be second because second is the first loser. I don't want to be a loser.   Nico Rosberg issues fighting talk after losing to team-mate Lewis Hamilton in Malaysia. April 3, 2014

 Basically everywhere.   After being asked where the Ferrari F14 T is weak, Stefano Domenicali decides to go down the bluntest route possible. April 2, 2014

 "What I did was correct. I'm trying to do the best for the team, that's the most important thing."   Felipe Massa certainly feels no guilt about refusing to adhere to team-orders in Sepang March 30, 2014

 To be up there with a name such as James Hunt… James Clark… Jim Clark, sorry, is really a great honour.   After achieving his 33rd career pole Lewis Hamilton gets a little tongue-tied about the man whose British record he equalled March 30, 2014

 We need to get it up. I wish I could still get it up, but anyway.   Bernie Ecclestone with a contender for one-liner of the season when asked about the sound of the new engines. March 28, 2014

 Me, I quite like to chase, so it could have done me a favour    Lewis Hamilton on why he is not daunted by finding himself 25 points down on title rival Nico Rosberg after one race March 27, 2014

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