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 A non-winning Ferrari on the Formula One track is not Ferrari. We've got to kick some ass and we've got to do it quickly.    New Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne issues some fighting talk during his first week at the helm October 16, 2014

 But do not worry, relax and enjoy. When it's time to know, you will know.   With speculation rife about his future, Fernando Alonso makes it clear he is still very much in control of his own destiny October 13, 2014

 My mind has been set for the last two or three months and you will understand that it was probably very obvious what I will do.    Fernando Alonso gives further hints about his 2015 prospects and suggests a deal has already been done October 12, 2014

 I don't know how they make their calculations, but we probably need to send them a calculator.    Toto Wolff is not convinced by Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci's argument a life on the engine freeze would cost no money October 12, 2014

 Jules is an exceptional Formula One driver but he is also an exceptional human being.   Marussia CEO Graeme Lowdon delivers the most poignant tribute to injured driver Jules Bianchi on Friday in Russia October 10, 2014

 I will not race for myself, I will not race for the team but for him this weekend.    Jean-Eric Vergne says he will be racing for Jules Bianchi at the Russian Grand Prix October 10, 2014

 I was already screaming on the radio five laps before that there was too much water.   Felipe Massa reveals how concerned he had been by the worsening conditions at Suzuka before Jules Bianchi's serious accident. October 7, 2014

 I repeat now. Whatever I want to do I will do, and in the moment I want to do it.   Fernando Alonso insists he is still fully in control of his destiny after the news Sebastian Vettel's will leave Red Bull in 2015 October 4, 2014

 I drove like a grandma from there to the end.   Felipe Massa describes how slowly he was driving after going for more than half the race on a single set of tyres in Singapore September 21, 2014

 You weren't fast enough to get into F1, you had to get in another way.   Martin Brundle responds to a jibe about his age to give Christian Horner a tongue-in-cheek reminder about his short-lived racing career. September 21, 2014

 It's getting dark, but that's partly because it's starting to get night.   Damon Hill shows he's adapting to life as a TV pundit with ease. September 20, 2014

 When all these things come in from Italy it is not really clear what is the purpose, and if we know the purpose one day I will tell.   Fernando Alonso suggests he will oust the people in the Italian media reporting about a potential seat swap with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel for 2015 September 18, 2014

 When you look at my results compared to Daniel all of our career, I have the potential to be what he is.   Jean-Eric Vergne sees no reason to suggest he couldn't match Daniel Ricciardo in a better car. September 15, 2014

 When the company has a change of plan, or if there is no longer a convergence of ideas, things change.    Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne hints at change at Ferrari while rebuking Luca di Montezemolo for his comments at Monza September 8, 2014

 Only a paranoid mind could come up with such an idea.   Toto Wolff bluntly dismisses conspiracy theories saying Nico Rosberg's mistake in Italy was an orchestrated Mercedes team order September 8, 2014

 I did it a couple of races ago and he doesn't seem to like it so I'll try it a bit more.   Lewis Hamilton thinks he's found a chink in Nico Rosberg's armour after his costly mistake under pressure at the Italian Grand Prix September 7, 2014

 Looks like Seb's got my car this year.    Mark Webber pokes fun at the fortunes of former team-mate Sebastian Vettel after his spate of reliability issues this season. September 6, 2014

 In Spa I heard I had signed for £150m for three years. I was asking where the pen was but nobody came back to me!   With mounting speculation he has been approached by McLaren, Sebastian Vettel jokes about some of the media reports on his future September 4, 2014

 Does that mean that we can all now say 'OK, we can race a lot closer and if the guy in front comes off and is out of the race, nothing will happen'?   Lewis Hamilton thinks the FIA has set an interesting precedent by not penalising Nico Rosberg for the pair's collision at the Belgian Grand Prix September 4, 2014

 I wish to go a step further and describe it as an error of judgement on my part.   Nico Rosberg changes his tune slightly on his collision with Lewis Hamilton in Belgium after a meeting with his team-mate and senior Mercedes management. August 29, 2014

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