Pos Driver Team Laps Pits
1 Hamilton GBR McLaren 70 2
2 Grosjean FRA Lotus 70 1
3 Perez MEX Sauber 70 1
4 Vettel FL GER Red Bull 70 2
5 Alonso ESP Ferrari 70 1
6 Rosberg GER Mercedes 70 2
7 Webber AUS Red Bull 70 2
8 Räikkönen FIN Lotus 70 1
9 Kobayashi JPN Sauber 70 1
10 Massa BRA Ferrari 70 2
11 di Resta GBR Force India 70 2
12 Hülkenberg GER Force India 70 2
13 Maldonado VEN Williams 70 1
14 Ricciardo AUS Toro Rosso 70 2
15 Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 69 3
16 Button GBR McLaren 69 3
17 Senna BRA Williams 69 1
18 Kovalainen FIN Caterham 69 2
19 Petrov RUS Caterham 69 2
20 Pic FRA Manor Marussia 67 1
Glock GER Manor Marussia 56 2
Schumacher GER Mercedes 43 3
de la Rosa ESP HRT 24 1
Karthikeyan IND HRT 22 0

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Hamilton, Grosjean, Perez and Whitmarsh head for the podium with the British national anthem being played out over the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Hamilton looks thrilled with the win and he is now in a brilliant position in the championship, two points ahead of Alonso and three points ahead of Vettel. Paddy Lowe sums it up perfectly saying "We needed that badly".

Thank you for joining us today. We hope you managed to keep up with the twists and turn towards the end of a thrilling race. Keep checking the website this evening for all the news following the race.

Lap 70

Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix to become the seventh different winner this season. Grosjean second, Perez third, Vettel fourth, Alonso fifth, Rosberg 0.4s off the Ferrari in sixth. Webber seventh, Raikkonen eighth, Kobayahsi ninth and Massa takes a point in tenth.

What a fantastic race and what brilliant drives from the top three. Alonso must be kicking himself as he could have taken second and he is now behind Hamilton by two points in the drivers' standings. All it needed was a pit stop when Hamilton did and he would have held second. The same goes for Vettel in third.

The McLaren crew is going wild in the pit lane and rightly so. A great team effort despite the slightly dodgy pit stop from his right-rear pit crew at his final stop.

Nicole Scherzinger is there to give Hamilton a kiss in parc ferme.

Martin Whitmarsh is jumping around like a young child and will join Hamilton on the podium to pick up the trophy.

Hamilton starts the final lap with a 4.2s lead.

Rosberg is 3.6s off Alonso now. That should also be a close fight.

Lap 69

Vettel is 3.0s off Alonso and could pass him this lap. If not he'll pass him on the final lap. Vettel passes Alonso into the chicane. That final pit stop has paid off.

Lap 68

Perez sets the fastest lap of the race. He is now 2.6s off the Ferrari and should get past. Vettel is four seconds a lap faster than Alonso and may also get past.

Perez breezes past Alonso for third and a very, very good chance of a second podium of the season.

Lap 67

The impressive thing is that Grosjean is on the same strategy as Alonso. Perez took 3.0s out of Alonso on that last lap and is 6.2s off.

Vettel is also pushing very hard as he tries to get in on the act with passing Alonso.

Lap 66

Grosjean has the gap down to 2.5s and should get a run at the Ferrari before the end of the race. He should be able to get past with ease in the DRS zone. Perez is also becoming a threat to Alonso at this pace.

And Grosjean gets past Alonso with ease into the chicane.

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