november 22 , 2014

Two smart cookies, one big mistake

With the winds of change blowing at Ferrari, The Inside Line looks at Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso's imminent moves and why one of them has made the wrong choice
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November 22 , 2014

Strategic planning review

The F1 Strategy Group was tasked with ensuring the future direction of the sport this year but what has it actually achieved? The Inside Line casts a critical eye
November 14 , 2014

The team which brings F1 to you

The Inside Line looks at the team behind F1's coverage and why they have to learn to think more like a racing team than a tech firm or a business venture
November 12 , 2014

Can crowdfunding save Caterham?

The Inside Line looks at Caterham's plans to make the final race by crowd sourcing funds and whether, if successful, it would allow the team to race in 2015
November 7 , 2014

Keeping it real in Interlagos

The Inside Line looks at whether the changes coming to Interlagos will add to or take away from its charms
November 6 , 2014

The tale of the two Felipes

The Inside Line looks at why Felipe Nasr's move to Sauber could have wider ramifications for the driver market outside the Swiss team, especially for Felipe Massa
November 2 , 2014

Bernie's mea culpa

The Inside Line reflects on Bernie Ecclestone's remarkable comments at the United States Grand Prix aimed averting F1's second US Grand Prix debacle in a decade
October 30 , 2014

Drivers buck trend on third cars

The Inside Line looks at the unique way F1's drivers reacted to the prospect of having teams with third cars on the grid in 2015
October 21 , 2014

Could driverless tech save F1?

It may sound sacrilegious to petrol-heads, but could removing the drivers from F1 be the answer to the sport's long-term problems?
October 10 , 2014

It's Mokpo all over again

The Inside Line looks at the unfortunate similarities the Sochi Autodrom shares and does not share with the short-lived Korean Grand Prix facility
October 9 , 2014

Shame on us all

The Inside Line looks with regret at the way some media outlets and journalists decided to report on Jules Bianchi's serious accident at the Japanese Grand Prix
October 8 , 2014

The birth of a new race

In the run-up to the maiden Russian Grand Prix at Sochi, race promoter Sergey Vorobyev spoke to ESPN in an exclusive interview on the challenges and satisfactions to be found in putting on a brand new race
October 4 , 2014

Where now for Caterham?

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Caterham team principal Manfredi Ravetto opens up about future plans for the Caterham Formula One team and the assurances - or lack thereof - that he has been given for the future of Leafield
October 3 , 2014

Japanese for passion

The Inside Line explains why the Japanese Grand Prix holds a special place in Formula One's heart and marvels at the passion of the local fans
September 25 , 2014

No country for old men

The Inside Line reveals some of the perks awaiting the more financially savvy members of the F1 press pack from the sport's busy and geographically vast calendar
September 21 , 2014

It's hard out there for a team

The Inside Line looks at the competition teams face from the commercial rights holder for sponsors and why they are fighting a losing battle
September 21 , 2014

Worst-case scenarios

The Inside Line contemplates a grid with just seven teams and asks what Formula One should be doing to avoid such a situation
September 19 , 2014

We flip, flop, don't stop

The Inside Line looks at the decisions that have been made and then un-made in the past year thanks to the power give to Formula One's Strategy Group
September 18 , 2014

Out there on their own

The Inside Line on how team radio has been used to spin a narrative to the TV audience and how the new restrictions will change it
September 16 , 2014

Singapore: Doing it right since 2008

The Inside Line looks at what makes the Singapore Grand Prix such a hit every year and why new venues should follow its example if they too want to be a success
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Kate Walker is the editor of GP Week magazine and a freelance contributor to ESPN. A member of the F1 travelling circus since 2010, her unique approach to Formula One coverage has been described as 'a collection of culinary reviews and food pictures from exotic locales that just happen to be playing host to a grand prix'.